How often do my bathroom exhaust fans need to be replaced in Columbus, Ohio?

Bathroom fans usually direct excess moisture or humidity and other unpleasant odors through an exhaust system to the outside hence letting the bathroom to stay fresh and mold free.

They play an integral role in keeping the bathroom neat and appealing especially if your bathroom doesn’t have huge windows to facilitate natural air circulation. A good quality fan will ensure the bathroom feels dry and comfortable at all time. Bradley Electric can replace your exhaust fan the same day in most cases!

It is notable that most homes usually have low quality exhaust fans installed during the time of construction, and the homeowners rarely replace or upgrade them. Contractors and homeowners usually concentrate much of their time and spending on fixtures that are visible and will only notice broken fans when there is a failure leading to a rise of humidity and growth of mold.

There isn’t a specific schedule that tells homeowners to replace the fan after a year or ten months. The replacement frequent will vary depending on how hard homeowners push the fan, the fan quality and how often one uses the bathroom. Here are some of the most popular signs that it is time to replace your bathroom exhaust fan.

As soon as it begins to rattle and make noise

The fan being an electromagnetic device is subject to failure with repeated use and that is why it needs to be routinely replaced.

A fan can get too noisy to be frequently used therefore it is important to monitor it for any odd sounds when you turn it on or off. Loud mechanical throbbing or clacking sound normally means the bearings are failing or the blades are out of alignment and therefore must be replaced.

The fan has totally stopped working

Pay attention to how the fan powers up as showing tendencies of being sluggish could mean failure is imminent. While most people often overlook the maintenance of bathroom exhaust fans, routine maintenance will ensure and efficient operation increasing the fan’s lifespan, improve the indoor air quality and keeping the unit attractive in appearance.

The bathroom has no fan installed

Since the bathroom is a humid environment it is important to have a fan installed to ensure it stays clean and mold free. Bathroom exhaust fans in Columbus Ohio are easy to come by and install.

Fans that also adequately do not remove moisture during showering should also be replaced with better functioning ones.

Your fan drips or shows evidence of corrosion

Daily showers and running water drive up humidity in the bathroom and this can create a potential environment for the fan to be corroded. By act of showing that it is dripping it may mean that it is time for it to be replaced.

You can see evidence of mold growth on the wall or ceiling of the bathroom

Moisture in the bathroom can often lead to peeling finishes and even mold. This means that the defective bathroom exhaust fans can no longer perform its task of controlling moisture and removing unnecessary odors and pollutants.

Always try repairing the bathroom fan before thinking of making a replacement. The price of replacing or installing a high quality bathroom exhaust fans in Columbus Ohio starts from around $350 and goes up depending on the model or complexity of the project. Depending on the manufacturer there are many cover designs with different removal methods. A foggy bathroom after every shower means the exhaust fan is not doing its job. A new exhaust fan will help clear the steam and prevent mold but the fan has to be properly sized or correctly installed.